Proactive Disaster Recovery Solutions

With Rocket Mouse, you can focus on running your business and leave the computer stuff to us! You can increase your productivity and be rest assured that we would provide you with a reliable recovery plan that will reduce downtime. Just think about how catastrophic it would be to lose all of your files, server applications, and customer records.

Data loss can set you back weeks or months and cost countless dollars due to lost productivity, broken customer trust, and missed opportunity.

Common Causes of Data Loss

When people think of data loss, they often think of devious hackers or criminals. While hacking is a serious threat, there are a few other reasons businesses lose their data.

  • Hardware or mechanical failure - the most common cause of data loss– for businesses, individuals, and anyone else storing data– is hardware or mechanical failure.
  • Human error. Nobody wants to admit they screwed up, but human error is the second most common culprit for data loss. When we say human error, there are a couple things we have in mind. First, we’re thinking of clicking delete or another button to erase data unintentionally.
  • Computer viruses and malware. Of course, no data loss list would be complete without viruses and malware. Most businesses know to fear viruses and malware, and with good reason.
  • Theft. This one is most common with laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even hard drives themselves. This is more of an opportunity crime than anything, leaving laptops or tablets unattended at coffee shops is asking for trouble.

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